Exam Session

During the 2016-2017 winter exam session the club room will be closed. If there executive members in the room, please feel free to join us, but there will be no guaranteed hours.

Changed have been made to the official titles as well, which are listed below

  • President -> El Presidente
  • Treasurer -> x$x Mr_Moneybagz x$x
  • Web/Systems Administrator -> Supreme Virtual Commander
  • Past President -> Chancellor

And thus the updated executive postions consist of:

  • El Presidente: Luke Allen
  • Vice-President: Kaelan Renault
  • x$x Mr_Moneybagz x$x: Nicholas Mercier
  • Student Representative: Henri-Philippe Marceau
  • Supreme Virtual Commander: Kaitlynn Anderson-Butcher
  • Content Manager: Nicholas Venne

We have fun here

Written on April 6, 2017